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Religious Education

At St Mary's we have an enquiry based approach to the teaching of RE, providing key questions to be answered which are engaging and thought provoking, encouraging and developing deeper thinking. We seek to enrich RE learning by using a range of learning activities and approaches; engaging with real religious artefacts and texts, embracing the creative arts such as music, poetry and art, using technology and wherever possible using visits and visitors. We make links with the children's own experiences of the world and developing beliefs, and make connections to our values curriculum and PSHE where possible.

We follow the locally agreed (SACRE) syllabus 'Awareness, Mystery, Value' as our legal framework for RE. Further information can be found here. We supplement this using 'Understanding Christianity' (Church of England) scheme of work. Our RE curriculum follows a two year rolling programme which ensure children experience the required 50% or more on Christianity, as well as covering the main religious worldviews of Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism. The teaching of these units is delivered through an hour per week of learning or blocked over a term if appropriate.

Our RE curriculum lead is Ellie Speed (EYFS Teacher).

Vision and Intent Statement

RE in our school is about Awareness, Mystery, Value.

Pupils who follow this syllabus gain a deep awareness of their own and others’ identities; they wrestle with the mysteries of life and the answers given by a wide variety of religions / worldviews; they develop a clear sense of what is of real value in the world today.

Pupils who follow this syllabus gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the teachings, practices and life stories expressed in a variety of ways within Christianity and other principal religions and worldviews. Through reflection on their own beliefs and values in the light of their learning, they grow in respect for themselves and others.

Pupils who follow this syllabus encounter the transformative power of religions and beliefs in people’s lives – in our area, in the UK and in the wider world. They demonstrate curiosity about people of faith and commitment who have changed individual lives, society and culture. Through RE, they feel compelled to imagine and contribute to the creation of a better world for all.


Pupil Progression in RE can be seen through the AMV Progression Documents here.