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Children's personal, social and emotional development is a high priority and is developed throughout the time they are at St. Mary's, but more specifically by teaching and learning using JIGSAW materials.  Children learn about healthy lifestyles including the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. Drug and medicine awareness is also part of the science curriculum.  Sex and Relations Education is taught at the appropriate level for their age group using the Christopher Winter materials approved by the Diocese.  Parents are invited to view the schemes of work before they are used in class. Personal safety such as road safety, fire safety and stranger danger are taught.   E-safety is also a high priority and is part of the PSHE curriculum as well as ICT.  Year 5 and 6 receive first aid training from St. John's Ambulance service.

Jigsaw consists of 6 half-term units of work, each containing 6 lessons (pieces). Every Piece has two Learning Intentions, one specific to PSHE (including Relationships and Health Education) and the other designed to develop emotional literacy and social skills.

Click here for Jigsaw's Units of work.

Christopher Winter schemes of work - Reception to Year 6