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Our Curriculum Intent

We aspire to be a kind and creative learning community where we support and challenge each other to be the best we can be.

Our vision and values underpin our curriculum intent. Our aim of inspiring the children to be kind and creative, to think of others in their community and supporting them in developing the knowledge and skills to achieve all that they want are at the core of all that we do. In line with our vision and the Church of England Vision for Education, our curriculum is also based around children developing their knowledge, wisdom and skills. Please see each curriculum area for individual curriculum intent and more information about our curriculum.

At St Mary's we are passionate about providing our children with a broad and balanced curriculum and we see enrichment as the best way to achieve this. We inspire the children through both our taught curriculum and the wider experiences that we plan for. From trips and residential experiences to visitors and guest speakers there is something to engage and excite all children. It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm of the children and hear their positive comments as they take part in new experiences and challenge themselves both physically and mentally. We have an active programme of enrichment and cultural capital that enables children to build on their prior experiences and deepen their awareness and understanding of other possibilities.

Pastoral care is a high priority at St Mary's. As a small school we are in the advantageous position that all our members of staff know all our pupils. Behaviour for learning at St Mary's is high priority, with all children taking responsibility for the learning of both themselves and their peers. By providing the best conditions for personal growth our children are able to thrive. We care for our children to raise their confidence and self-esteem. We plan for a wide range of opportunities for children to lead, organise and take responsibility. These include planning and leading Collective Worship, being an elected House Captain or Vice Captain or organising a fundraising event such as a cake sale or second hand book sale. Children apply a range of curriculum skills but in an enriching and meangingful way.

We have a clear and progressive programme of learning which is based on the National Curriculum Objectives. For every curriculum area children build on their prior knowledge as they develop their knowledge, skills and wisdom. We have key performance indicators for English, Maths and Science and our children are assessed against these. In addition to academic attainment we recognise and celebrate our children's achievements across a broad spectrum of areas these include sport, science, art, cooking, reading, etc. We encourage our children to be motivated learners and to try new things. We celebrate all that they achieve.

Use the Curriculum links below to find out more about St Mary's curriculum provision. 

Termly Curriculum Overviews can be found on each class page.

You can also contact the school to arrange a tour and find out more about the curriculum that we follow and how we support and challenge your children to be the best they can be.

Professional Development is an important part of the delivery of our Curriculum, making sure staff are current and feel supported to deliver the best teaching and learning for the children of St Mary's.

This professional development can take the form of staff discussion and professional reading time, time spent in other schools with teachers and classes, courses attended and studying for qualifications.

We are committed to encouraging staff to continue their own learning for both the benefit of themselves and the positive impact it will have on the learning for the children.