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Windmill Class Home Learning 

Go to  your Teams account for access to online learning.

Remote Learning - Rules and Routines

So we can do our best learning online there are a few things that we need to remember:

1.  When you use the computer you should have permission from a grown-up and your grown-up should be near you while you are online.

2.  Join the Teams meeting at the right time- please do not join meetings early so we all know that you are safe. If you join early you will be asked to leave and return at the start time.

3. Have your microphone switched off until you are asked to put it on. 

4. There is a 'hands up' feature for when  you want to ask a question- please use it.

5. Be in a comfortable place for your learning and remove as many distractions as possible.

6. Have the things you need ready. A basic kit will be pencil, paper or excercise book, a ruler and sharpener if you have them, some coloured pencils and a dark felt-tip will also be useful. I will put some links to maths resources that might be useful for example, a numberline, hundred square and a place value chart below soon. Some kind of counters will be needed- e.g. pieces of pasta, small lego blocks for ones and long ones for tens will work. For maths, there will be a worksheet so have that ready if you can print it, if not have it on screen and answer questions on paper.

7. Remember that you are learning so we expect you to stick to the school code of Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Be Your Best. I know you will do this!

8. Teams meetings will be recorded .