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Maths Number Facts

We are practising number bonds for all numbers to 10 because this is really important to be able to add and subtract with larger numbers.  I have shown the children a website called Mathplayground that has some really useful games for them to increase their numberbonds knowledge. 

It is an American site so Grade 1 equates to Year 2. The games we have played so far are Galaxy Pals and Skateboard pups.  This is the link to the Mathplayground site.


Dear Parents and Carers

As you know you can see what your child is learning in class day to day by looking at the information board which is outside the classroom each morning.

For a longer term picture here is the learning journey for this term and further links to what your child is learning  below.  


Helping your child with spelling at home

Autumn term 1 click here

Common exception words- we are learning a few each week

11.11.19  old, gold, hold, fold, told

21.10.19 every, everybody

14.10.19  climb, wild, child, children

7.10.19 find, kind, mind, behind

30.9.19 because, pretty, eyes

23.9.19  poor, floor, door