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Term 3   


Our longer pieces of writing this term will be an information text about animals and a journey story based on the book The Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon. We will also be writing lists and creating posters.


Our first maths topic is multiplication and division, followed by statistics and measuring length and height. We will also keep last term's learning of place value and addition and subtraction going. The learning journey for maths is here but do look at the class information board to see what we are learning each day.

Maths Number Facts

Five or ten minutes spent practising number facts is really worthwhile and helps make doing tasks with larger numbers so much easier. There are lots of apps and websites with games and sheets to practise number facts.  Take a look at to find practise sheets. 

This is the link to the Mathplayground site.  Remember Grade 1 equates to our Year 2.


 Term 3


Term 3 


Helping your child with spelling at home

Common exception words- we are learning a few each week


9.3.20 only, even

2.3.20 after, plant, path

24.2.20 move, prove, improve

10.2.20  hour, whole, many, any

3.2.20  bath, again, water, clothes

27.1.20  father, great, break, steak

20.1.20 parents, Mrs, Mr, both, who

13.1.20  busy, sure, sugar, most

6.1.20  Revise c.e. words from last term

15.12.19  half, money

8.12.19  again, people, Christmas

1.12.19  could, should, would

25.11.19    pass, grass, class

18.11.19   fast, last, past, beautiful

11.11.19  old, gold, hold, fold, told

21.10.19 every, everybody

14.10.19  climb, wild, child, children

7.10.19 find, kind, mind, behind

30.9.19 because, pretty, eyes

23.9.19  poor, floor, door