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 Term 6 Learning


This term's school value is Compassion and the Christian value is Truthfulness.

Please click here for Term 6's Learning Journey.

Please click here for Term 6's Home Learning Grid based on our school value, Compassion.


Please click here for Term 6's Reading Challenges.


Please click here for the weekly timetable in Windmill.



Remote Learning Timetable


Please click here for Term 6's Remote Learning Grid and do remember to check your child's Teams calendar for meetings they have been invited to attend.


Remote Learning- some routines and rules.



Bug Club- You now have access to reading books via Bug Club. Please email Mrs Sinclair if you need any help accessing your Activelearn account.

Daily reading for 10 mins with the expectation of x5 weekly. Parents- please continue to record the daily reading in your child's reading logs. Books will be changed by Windmill staff in school. If your child also has their own books that they enjoy reading at home, please use those in addition.


Individual reading with Mrs Sinclair or Mrs Chapman will be recorded in reading logs. 


Guided reading- All children will receive a weekly Guided Reading session in school and this will be recorded in their reading logs as GR.

Times Tables Rockstars

Practise times tables facts for 3 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week on the TTRs app or 

Everyone has a username and login to access the site (sent by email to parents). To find our school, type  Portbury and it will appear. So login, choose your rockstar name and get started. There is a baseline check to do first where you will be asked all kinds of multiplication and division questions, but don't worry about this and just do what you can as this is just so your program can be set up at the right level for you.

Find a regular time each day to practise and you will soon be making fantastic progress.


Here are the spelling lists for Term 6 Year 2  and Year 3. These spellings will be introduced via Teams on Friday mornings during your child's Introduction to English meeting. There will be a check-in on the following Thursday and your child will receive a Teams invitation for this.



Helping your child with spelling at home- click here for ideas



This site has animations to show the letter formation we do in school. (Right and left-handed writers) (See stage 5 for right and left-handed writers)


Maths Number Facts


This is the link to the number facts practice sheets .  Start with bonds within 10, then bonds within 20 before moving on to the 2 x tables , 10 x tables and 5 x tables. In class, the children have 5 minutes to do as many as they can and the idea is that they improve each time they practise. When they score 40 consistently they move on to the next sheet.  Your child will be able to show you which sheet they are working on, however if they are not sure please ask.  Thank you.

Five or ten minutes spent practising number facts is really effective and helps make doing tasks with larger numbers so much easier. There are lots of apps and websites with games and sheets to practise number facts.  Gordon's numbers website has lots of fun games.

                          This is the link to the Mathplayground site.  Remember Grade 1 equates to our Year 2.