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Homework for Windmill Class


Homework is given on Friday and should be handed back in by the following Thursday morning. Occasionally, I might ask for homework to be done over the weekend if it is preparation for the next week's learning.  The children have a homework book with the homework to be done stuck inside. Every child also has a Number Work book that is theirs to keep and this lasts for years 1 and 2. 

In class we talk about the kinds of things we should be doing at home to help our learning in school.  These  include:  

  • playing after school and having fun,
  • having plenty of sleep so we are ready for learning every day,
  • reading our books aloud everyday to a grown-up and remembering to ask if there is a word we don't know the meaning of
  • if we want to practise writing, to do it the way we have been shown (there is a link to the handwriting style we use on our class page).

Oxford Owl has some great books that are free and J2e is great for learning computing but also has simple spelling and maths activities as part of Blast.



Windmill Class Homework 16.11.18

Dear Parents

This week’s homework is Activity 8 in the Number work book.

In class we have been changing the order of the calculation and writing both number sentences for the same numbers.  For example,  6 + 3 = 9  and  9 = 6 + 3

So when recording you could challenge your child to do this. Your child should be able to explain the meaning of the = symbol to you.

Thank you for your support.