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Gratitude Journal


Count your blessings.

Thinking about what you are grateful for helps you to feel more positive. When you think about something good in your life it makes you happier. So what are you feeling grateful for today?  Let me know and I will add it to our gratitude journal to share with our community.

Summer is grateful that she is going to have a new bunkbed with cupboards.

Windmill class are grateful to Ciara for making a hundred square for Orla to be the Bingo caller.

Summer is grateful to her Nanny for the desk tidy she gave her to help her to be ready for learning at home.

Seb P is grateful for the stickers, lego and teddy that will help him persevere with his journal.

Grace is grateful to have so many people who love her.

Seb E is grateful to the people who make things for us.

Isla is grateful to everyone who helps her learn.

Kamva is grateful for having friends to play with.

Orla is grateful for the hugs she has from her sister and parents.

Zara is grateful for the doll that her nanny gave her for Christmas.

Grace is grateful for her mummy because she is really lovely and very kind.

Josh is grateful for all the presents that mummy and daddy give him.

Orla is grateful for her lovely grandad.

Charlotte is grateful for her mummy because she gives her food and hugs and kisses.

Kamva is grateful for all of his friends.

Summer is grateful for everyone who works in the NHS who has worked for people with Coronavirus.

Lamar is grateful for his friends.

Teddy is grateful for his family.

Isla is grateful for the sea because it makes her feel calm.

Seb P is grateful for his mummy and daddy.

Honey is grateful for her teddy that her Nanna gave her.