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Weekly Home Learning:

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Look at all the amazing home learning taking place...

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Daily message from Mrs Scott:

Thursday 2nd April 2020:

Good Morning Priory. Just a reminder that the day to day resources (below) are a suggestion only; you do not have to do them all or in a particular order. They are there as support if and when you might need them. Your challenge for today is to help your parent with a home task. This could be: loading the laundry, doing the dishes, making lunch, putting away the dishes and so on. I'm sure your parents would appreciate some extra help. 

*Be safe, be kind, be respectful and be your best.* 

Mrs Scott

New Resource: We now have access codes for a great site: Active Learn. I have allocated Priory with lots of reading texts to support their reading at home. If you would like your child's codes please email me. (Email below) This is free for you to use and automatically allows the children to progress through levels. 

You can contact me on: during working hours - I'd love to see pictures (for safeguarding purposes - not of the children), comments, book reviews etc. *Please email from an adult's account*

Dog Diaries:

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Below you will find a comparison photo of Rayla from when she was 4 and 1/2 weeks old to now: 18 weeks old. I can't believe how much she has grown! We took her home at 8 and 1/2 weeks old, and after week 1 she learnt to confidently climb up and down the stairs (we immediately ordered a stair gate), another week later and Rayla could jump on and off the sofa (we immediately placed old blankets down) and jump to now, where she can stretch her whole body to reach the very back of all the kitchen counters. This photo really shows her growth. And she still has lots of growing to do!

Staying safe online: 

An excellent resource for 7-11 year olds looking at safer internet use - please look at the top tips to stay safe online - especially in these times.  




Free Online Resources:

***Click here for a list of free websites with great activities and resources for extra home learning*

Audio Resource: Tune in at 11am every day to hear David Walliams read a story. - Perfect for some down time. 

Suggested Home Learning Timetable:

***Click here for a suggested timetable for learning.*** 




Staying Active:

It is also important that the children keep physically active and Joe Wicks is offering free, daily 'P.E with Joe' sessions every weekday morning at 9am (LIVE). These can be accessed on Youtube on the Body Coach TV or the link below:

Other suggestions in staying active: 

Day to Day resources for Home Learning: 

These are suggested and would help support children to continue their learning out of school. See the suggested timetable (found clearly labelled near the top of this page) for an idea on how to implement each resource

Let me know if you still require work from WB 23.03.2020 via email and I can send them to you. 

Daily Brain Workouts: Week Beginning: 30.03.2020:

Click a day below for a Daily Brain Workout - This includes: 10 Mixed-up Maths questions; 1 math reasoning question; 5 daily spellings; a short grammar quiz. ***Similar to what we have done in class all year***






Maths: Week Beginning: 30.03.2020: Click a day to download that day's maths activities (including answers)






Keep Scrolling down the webpage for even more Maths resources.

Topic: Ongoing until after Easter:

Click here for ideas and inspiration to continue our topics. 

This includes: science, geography, art and DT. - LIVE webcams allowing you to watch tigers, penguins, koalas and more. - Perhaps you could write an information text about one of the animals. 

Other Math Resources: 

- Times Tables Rock Stars - all the children have their own login codes and can access this excellent resource. Children can also access Numbots through the logo at the top of their TTRS page. 


*** Click here for a Math Mystery Investigation for UKS2*


 Refresh/ learn coordinates - aim for four quadrants. Can you remember the rules? - look at this link and choose the 2nd and 3rd games which allows you to choose 4 quadrants.

**Click here for differentiated sheets (with answers) to support your learning of coordinates further


  - Create a 4 quadrant grid and plot in some mystery objects. Write a list of coorinates and see if a family member can solve where your mystery objects are. - Or family members could do this for you. 


Click the links below to find your year group booklet. These are great ways of revisiting content covered as well as learning new content.  

***Click here for Year 6 Spring themed maths booklet***

***Click here for Year 6 Spring themed maths answer booklet***

***Click here for Year 5 Spring themed maths booklet***

***Click here for Year 5 Spring themed maths answer booklet***


Other Literacy Resources: 

***Click here for Villainous Verses Poetry comprehension tasks*


  • Use the above poems to inspire you to write your own Villainous Verses poetry
  • Present your poem in a neat way (using technology or handwritten) 
  • Learn your poem off by heart
  • Perform your poem to a family member - this can be achieved through a video chat 

Supporting links: - lots of links of poets talking poetry to give you ideas (The first 2 videos are particularly interesting).


Other Reading Resources:

Keep reading your own books or borrow and swap with your nearby friends (if safe to do so). - Great link listing best places to download free books. - Amazon Audible UK also currently offering free downloads (for the duration of the outbreak).



  • Finish a book.
  • Write a book review (remember to not give away the plot) - Lots of templates can be found for free online, or make your own.
  • Would a family member let you post your review using their Amazon account? This would help others make informed decisions.
  • Design a new front cover for the book - now you have read it - you should be able review the current cover and improve it.

Downloadable Reading Comprehension for UKS2: 

***Click here for a UKS2 reading text on: Raider's Peril***

***Click here for reading comprehension questions and answers on: Raider's Peril*


***Click here for a punctuation task linked to Raider's Peril ***

***Click here for a word search linked to Raider's Peril***

***Click here for a cross word linked to Raider's Peril***

***Click here for an art activity on decorative crests linked to Raider's Peril***