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 Children are expected to read five times a week and practice their spellings and times tables regularly.  They are also given one piece of reinforcement work for maths and English each week together with occasional extended topic tasks.  Times tables can be encouraged by using 'Hit The Button' on the following link:

General spellings, SPAG and mathematics can be encouraged through the 'Pointless' games further down this page.

If children find they cannot complete homework at home for whatever reason, we do offer the chance to complete homework in school during a lunchtime on Thursdays. 


Maths homework is given on a Monday and is due in on the following Monday. 



Ten Minute Tests

Year 6 pupils should complete Test 5 of their Maths, Reading and SPAG tests.  Maths and reading tests should be self-marked at home (answers in the back of the books) and reading tests should be brought to school next TUESDAY so that we can go through them in class.



Topic related homework this week.


This week, we would like a news report about Wellbeing Week  for the website/newsletter.

Your task is to write a news report on what Priory took part in over the week. 

Box it up, thinking about the introduction, your activities and a conclusion. Remember to include witness accounts and a catchy headline.

Looking forward to reading them!



Science -

As part of our materials project, investigate as many different types of plastic (and there are a few!) as you

can and list the uses of that form of plastic. What properties will that plastic have? Think about the

language we introduced on Wednesday. Is the plastic type recyclable?

We need the information for our Science session next Friday. 


Maths - 


 Thinking about World Environment Day, please think about the energy you use in your house. Pick an energy source to record the use of, such as:

kitchen lights, tablet use, X box use, television, radio, mobile phone use, bedroom light, anything else

and I would like you to keep a daily record showing us how much time  that item is using energy for. You are not at home for some of the day so you can only keep a record of when you are using the energy, or perhaps it is on all the time.

For example - 


Monday - total use 2 hours and 10 minutes

Tuesday - 1 hour 30 minutes

and so on.

Next week on Friday we will be creating graphs to record the information individually and as a class. It will be much easier to read if you use a table to record this information.



 SPELLING homework - 6.6.19

Find the plurals to the following words and practise the singular and the plural:










Finally, thank you to all those who support our children at home to practise skills, read regularly and to complete tasks. It does make a positive difference to children's learning.




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