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What are Priory Learning?

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This term our main focus is: Victorious Victorians, this will link with other curriculum areas where possible.

 We are reading: The Last Wild by Piers Torday.

The Last Wild is a book that is set in the future where almost all the animals have died from a disease called The Red Eye. It is about a boy called Kester who is mute but has discovered that he can communicate with animals.

The children will be completing a variety of tasks linked to this book over term 1. Our end goal is to write a story set in a dystopian future. 

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 Please see the above topic web for a list of SPAG areas being covered this term. The white board outside Priory Class will also be updated weekly.

The children will be taught an area of SPAG at the start of the week and will then complete related tasks and activities throughout the week. Literacy lessons will also include elements of these SPAG areas to help embed the area further.

Spellings - Please see the spelling page on Priory's drop down menu.


Vocabulary Ninja:Image result for vocabulary ninja

 We will be exploring new vocabulary through a word of the day. The children will be taught the meaning of a new word at the start of the day. This will be displayed in the classroom for the week. Children can use these words verbally and written. House points are even up for grabs!


Reading:Image result for reading

Guided reading will take place every day. I will work with a different group each day so I will have heard every child by the end of each week. The next day, the children will have questions based on what they read with me to answer independently. 

Other tasks include: - a short writing task - a spelling task (linked to weekly spellings) - an additional comprehension task (usually non-fiction based).


 Maths:Image result for maths

For details on maths coverage, please see the white board outside of Priory Class as this will be updated weekly.

Every lesson we will cover a SATs style question and we will unpick this and break it down to solve in simple steps. As the year goes on the children will solve these more independently.

10 minute maths - we will be completing 10 minute arithmetic grids Mon-Weds each week. 

Number bonds - we will be practising our number bonds in most lessons as warm ups. We will also be completing a number bond sheet every Thursday.

Times tables - we will be practising these daily through warm ups, lesson content and through the 10 minute maths tasks. We will also be completing a times table speed sheet every Friday - please see me if you would like copies to practise.  

Arithmetic - As well as the 10 minute maths grids, we will also be completing a weekly arithmetic short check in.


PE: Netball Image result for netball

Monday - with Bristol Sport coaches learning skills

Wednesday - with me playing games, applying the skills learnt on Mondays


Thursday PPA:Image result for french

 This will be covered by Mrs Wheeler

  • Book study
  • French 
  • Topic

See topic web at the top of the page to see the coverage of all other subjects.