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 Children are expected to read five times a week and practice their spellings and times tables regularly.  They are also given one piece of reinforcement work for maths and English each week together with occasional extended topic tasks.  Times tables can be encouraged by using 'Hit The Button' on the following link:

General spellings, SPAG and mathematics can be encouraged through the 'Pointless' games further down this page.

If children find they cannot complete homework at home for whatever reason, we do offer the chance to complete homework in school during a lunchtime on Thursdays. 


Maths homework is given on a Monday and is due in on the following Monday. 

This week's maths homework is:

Year 5 -  Line Graphs.....(pages 70 - 71) plus Arithmetic Test 1

Year 6 - Line Graphs....(pages 72 - 73) plus Arithmetic Test 1



Ten Minute Tests

Year 6 pupils should complete Test 5 of their Maths, Reading and SPAG tests.  Maths and reading tests should be self-marked at home (answers in the back of the books) and reading tests should be brought to school next TUESDAY so that we can go through them in class.


SPAG Homework is given on a Friday and is due in on the following Thursday, to give us time to check it.

No specific SPAG this week to complete but we would like Year 5 to look through the paragraphs pages again to support your story writing. If you see a place where you have forgotten to put a paragraph break, please put one in.


 Homework: Year 5

This holiday, please log onto j2e to copy out your Rainforest story. You have the story from your Writing book and the log in code to access your j2e. Share your story with me when you have finished and I can access during the holidays to read them in print. When you load up Just 2Easy, it will ask you for the school. Type in    st marys portbury,   then your code, then your password which we reset for you. If you want to reset your own password, go ahead but write it down somewhere! 

You can add pictures/decorations if you would like to but focus on the story first. You can edit as you go if you think you could change something to make it better. We edited quite a lot at the beginning but it's going to need punctuation checks throughout. Remember that a new person speaking needs a new paragraph.

If you have any problems, use Word and send the story to

 Only one person has left their story at school...! When I go into school next, I will collect it and post it to you.

Read a chapter book this holiday and if you can, write us a book review to display in the library.

 Year 6

 Remember to do little and often from your folders - it will not be as helpful if you leave it all until the last few days. Think carefully about what the questions are asking you to do. Make your answers clear, particularly if they are worth more than one mark. 

See the folder as helpful and a way of keeping your skills ticking over. We have two and a half weeks after the holidays and then it will be SATs week.

Read a chapter book this holiday. If you want to, write a book review to display in the library.


SPELLING homework is given on a Thursday and tested on a Thursday. There will be ten spellings in each group from now on.

We have not given spellings out this holiday. Keep the year 5/6 words in your reading record going and practise any that you know you find tricky.


 PLEASE check homes for your spelling record books - we are missing lots of them and it means you cannot keep a record of the homework you have been completing because there is nowhere to stick it!


 We had half the class in the Reading Roll of Honour this week. Can we aim for more next week? Please be reminded that we need an adult at home to sign the reading records when they have heard a child read. We check reading records on a Thursday during the day to save a rush on Friday! Thank you.

Finally, thank you to all those who support our children at home to practise skills, read regularly and to complete tasks. It does make a positive difference to children's learning.




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