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Camp 2019 

Camp Day 1 - Morfa Bay


Twas the night before camp

And all through the houses 

The children were packing

Any last minute trousers.


The morning had come

And all were excited

Then outside the school

The coach was sighted.


The parents waited

To give a big cheer,

Celebrate later at home

With a nice of water.


"Have we all got our lunches?"

The teachers asked.

"Mine's with my dad!"

One of them gasped.


On we all boarded,

Seatbelts galore,

With coats, hoodies and popcorn

Strewn over the floor.


Children all secure

Parents in the rain,

But the coach can't get out-

Oh what a pain!


A few quick turns 

And some driver expertise

And Priory are off.

"Can I use the toilet, please?!"


Children and teachers 

Were chatting throughout,

When the driver announced,

"We're here!" with a shout.


Thank goodness-

We can turn off that film at last.

We're ready to roll,

Now let's have a blast!


Off the coach and

Onto activity number one.

Mud assault course, woodland scramble,

With lots of fun. 


Teatime delicious,

We've all been fed,

Scavenger hunt with torches,

Then time for bed!


All was quiet 

On the first night of camp, 

And the drying room was full

Of all things damp.


Priory Camp, and we're all on day 2,

Sea activities and lots more too.

We all got in water

Coz they said that we oughta,

And stuck to our body boards like glue!


Wet suit dramas to start off the day (pull hard kids!)

To ride waves down the beach all the way.

Dipping and diving

A-swell as sliding

Making pebble stacks, in Pendine Bay.


Mountain biking around the track,

We found that we all had the knack.

Ride the berm down the dips

And jump jumps with no slips,

Try a drift but don't land with a whack!


Stack the crates and climb up high

If you fall off, you manage to fly!

Mrs Wheeler is shaking,

The tower it is quaking,

Look out as the crates tumble by.


Which archer can score a high ten?

Will you travel to Pizza Land and when?

Zip lining at speed,

Your courage you will need

As you climb up the tower again.


A bit of free time we have had

No ball ping pong ? Is Mrs Scott mad?!

A big game of football

Then down to the lunch hall

For roast dinner which wasn't half bad.


Late night walking down to the sea 

So we could all spend our pocket money

On ice creams so lush

That we weren't in a rush

And the teachers got theirs all for free!


Written to "I will survive ", Gloria Gaynor


On Camp it is Day 3

And the rain is due

But we dont care because we're lovin trying something new

Off orienteering, to play archery,

And get ourselves muddy, look at the sky

Here comes the rain, its not a pain


We'll just get wet

And more mudd - ee!

And we dont care about it coz we dont wash clothes at home, you see.

We've spent so many nights 

Just chatting quietly til 3

We've been saving all our sleeping

Until Friday after tea.


Come on let's go

Climb up that wall

Ride down the zipline

Slide through the pipe commando crawl

Weren't you the one who left your muddy gear right there?

And who's is this? This soaking underwear?


Scramblers are back

Back from the woods

Did you have fun there?

Wierdly I did, but don't tell mum!

All the stones that kept on bruising

All that water up my nose

Do you think I'll grumble,

With mud to my elbows?


Oh no not I

I will survive.

Thank goodness we've all managed just to stay alive.

Mrs Scott, Sinclair and Wheeler

All enjoying it like us

Or were they lying,  And just wishing for the bus?


And lastly dance! Dance all you can!

But teachers, when you dance we're really not a fan!

'Old Town Road' gets us to move,

Show us all a different groove,

And now we stop-

Coz we're ready now to flop-

Night night!


Camp Day 4 - in a Haiku - Looking Back


Climbing, swinging high,

Max,    Freddie,    Ewan,     Layal,

Up and down we go.


Ped'ling across mounds

Noah,   Jack,     Jago,    Joseph,

In control we are.


Squelch through layers of mud

Oscar,       Joseph,       Dolly,        Tom,

Facing our deep fears.


Body boarding waves

Maddie,    Krisztian,    Mollie,

Lots of splashing too.


Pulling bow tightly,

Bethan,    Jacob,    Laila,    Tom,

Arrows soar to score.


Wading in river,

Ellie,  Esmie  and  Isla,

Mud bath at the end.


Seeking in the woods,

Xander,    Cerys    and   Toby,

Race against the clock.


Crates to balance on,

Otis          and         Olivia,

Stacking towers tall.


Vending machine sweets,

Erin,      Xavier     and      Keira,

Where is number 2?!


With our glad rags on,

Emily       and        Mrs      Scott,

Human disco ball!


Packing and sorting,

Mrs  Wheeler   and   Sinclair,

Coach bringing us home.


Friendships form and build,

Pendine,       Rhossili,        Pembrey,

Memories always.


Morfa Bay, Pendine,

A   blast   it    has    truly   been,

Camp twenty- nineteen!



Morfa Bay - by Emily and Ellie in Priory 

Hip Hip Hooray for Morfa Bay it's going to be fun.

We will be extremely sad when the holiday is done.

Starting off by getting muddy,

No-one's knees were bloody.

After a wash we go mountain biking

But we didn't go hiking.

After we had scrumptious dinner,

It really really was a winner.

Next was search and find

Don't forget to look behind.

Bedtime is now, today made us go wow.


Yawn, stretch, up you get.

Time for pancakes now,

On my pillow it said POW.

Wetsuit struggles

It's worth it for the cuddles.

Jumping waves and getting wet,

Dead blue jellyfish don't make good pets.

Up, up, up with climbing,

Luckily nobody was timing.

Zipping down the line, 

I didn't drop anything of mine.

All about "Timber!" with crate stack

The crates were on a rack.

What's for dinner today?

Roast dinner - yay!

Hi-vis on for beach walk

On the way we did talk.

Ice cream, which flavour should I get?

Dragon's delight, or Pembrokeshire Promise?

We need sauce and a chocolate star

The walk on the beach wasn't too far.

When we returned we had chocolate so hot

It came out of a Cadbury's pot.

Night everybody

No-one dreamed of the programme, Noddy.


Morning now, yawn and stretch,

Orienteering, there's stuff to fetch!

Woodland scrambles

Close to brambles

Floating down a river

We didn't eat liver

Archery now - POW POW POW

Dinner Dinner BBQ

Disco disco dancing and prancing

See you in the morning.


Cases packed checking under the bed

Has Ellie got her towel that was red?

Off to the gift shop, what to buy,

"Why am I at the back!" said Emily with a sigh.

Onto the coach, Drive Drive Drive

It's just like a bee hive!

Hip Hip Hooray for Morfa Bay - it has been fun.

We are extremely sad that the holiday is done!