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Camp 2018 - 8th - 12th October


Day 4 Morfa Bay

Today saw the rain get heavier and heavier, but we carried on regardless with various soakings throughout the day. It did clear up later on in time for a shop visit to spend our pocket money and finished with a very loud birthday disco!

Angle group
The day began with mountain biking. We practised around a field first before we got to try the track. There were two halves to the track- one side more tricky than the other. Everyone managed the track but some saw more of the grass than others! Next was the abseiling and everyone who tried it really enjoyed it, despite feeling a little nervous.

Amroth group

Our start was the high ropes. The rain didn’t stop us. Most of us were scared to do it but we all tried our best. Some of us got to the top. 
We then put on our old clothes for the wettest mud assault course of the whole week! All of us got stuck in, got wet, muddy and cold, but all of us were smiling. Mud angels were obligatory! 

Caldey group

We began with Bushcraft activities. This was fun because we were doing competitions about how to survive in the woods.
Our last activity was the climbing. There were lots of fast climbers with people surprising themselves with their climbing skills and going beyond where they thought they could go. 

Lunch was delicious -fish and chips - and tea was BBQ food. 
Finally, we got to put on our disco outfits and bust some moves on the dance floor. We had a dance off, which eventually ended in a draw, and everyone found a song to dance to by the end. The disco even had a birthday cake interval. We witnessed many different dance moves but the “Baby Shark” song at the end got everybody up!!

Just the dreaded packing left tomorrow. Get those washing machines ready!


Day 3 at Morfa Bay

We sadly had to wave goodbye to Mr Williams this afternoon but we happily said hello to Mrs Sinclair and what a beautiful day it has been.

Angle group
First of all we did Bushcraft and learnt which plants were poisonous and which were edible. We then did some bouldering on the climbing wall and many people reached their target line, surprising themselves and the adults. Archery came last and many scored quite highly.

Caldey group
Today we did Archery and played a target game to find out where we would go on holiday, how we would get there and who we would go with. Next we did High Ropes and the mud assault course. We got absolutely soaked and were so glad to have a shower afterwards!

Amroth group
This morning we did climbing where we had to climb up a completely vertical wall. A few people conquered their fear and either reached their target line or reached the top. This afternoon, we did Bushcraft where we learnt to survive in the wild , lighting fires and making homemade bread.

The tea this evening was amazing with a great veggie option. After tea we played a few outside games before settling to our evening activity.

As we are writing this, we are drinking delicious hot chocolate and watching Angry Birds with our pjs on and snuggled in our sleeping bags. 

Looking forward to celebrating a birthday in the group and getting our disco moves ready for the disco night


Day 2

Hello again everyone and greetings from Morfa Bay.

Everyone has had an epic day with lots of adventurous challenges met and lots of fears overcome.  In fact, there has been so much gone on today we can only tell you about the highlights from each of our three groups.

Caldey Group

We started with an epic abseil where you have to walk down a really high wall.  Some of us were really worried at the top but we took a deep breath and we all did it in the end.  After the abseil we went on the BMX track and one of us fell off his bike at least six times.  The good news is that he got on his bike at least seven times and kept going in the end.

Amroth Group

We started the day with archery and it was completely new to some of us.  At first the new people got some lower scores but they ended up scoring nines and everyone survived!  Next, we went on an amazing zip line.  Everyone was really excited but once you got up to the box you got this strange tingling feeling in your stomach.  One of our group was scared of heights but ended up zipping away through the tree tops anyway.

Angle Group

Our day started with one of our group waking up to find they had lost a tooth.  For the rest of us, our adventures began with the mud assault course, which included a very wet stream, a very dark tunnel and a very muddy pond.  Sorry, but we are not sure all the clothes survived.  After a very long shower it was time for high ropes.  A few people were scared just looking at it but many people faced their fears and pushed themselves past what they thought was their limit.  One or two people even did gymnastic tricks on the very highest beams.


In the evening we all came together for a torchlight walk to a beach.  We found some wonderful pebbles (or maybe boulders) to bring home and we left a pebble bunker on the beach.  Now we have just finished some absolutely delicious hot chocolate and we are heading off to bed.


Goodbye for now


The Happy Campers


Day 1

Dear parents, siblings and friends

We have arrived safe and sound at Morfa Bay and we have already adventured on to the beach.  We did body boarding and flew over some really high waves.  When we went in the sea our boards flew everywhere because it was windy.  Most of us got wiped out in the sea but luckily we all survived and made it back to shore.  Some of us explored the caves by the rock pools and we wrote our names in the sand.

Dinner was lovely and after dinner we went on a night hike.  We saw huge waves crashing over the sea walls and we walked up a massive hill with a spooky cemetery at the top.

The Happy Campers

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