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Each Friday, children have a spelling check- in with their week's spellings. These spellings will be displayed under Weekly Spellings. Children bring home the weekly spellings on paper in their homework books as well. Take a look at the spelling practise help sheet for ways to support your child.


Children should use their homework books to practise the weekly spellings in whatever way helps them to learn them. Thank you for supporting them to do this.


On the links below, we have shared the spelling patterns we will cover over the term and also the statutory list of spellings for y3/4. We would recommend children look at three or four of the statutory spellings each week to become familiar with them but we will not be testing your children on those spellings until later in the year.


Weekly Spellings




fruit, grammar, group, heard, heart, height, history, imagine, increase, important



meet/meat, knot/not, heel/heal/he'll, sore/soar/saw, grown/groan



scene/seen, mail/male, bawl/ball, bury/berry, great/grate, hear/here



Y3 - superman, superstar, superior, supernatural, superficial, superfine, superhuman, supervise

Y4 - antibiotic, antidote, antihistamine, antibody, antifreeze, antisocial, anticlimax, anticlockwise.



Y3- automatic, automatically, autopilot, autobiography, autograph, autonomy

Y4 - international, intercept, interpersonal, intertwine, interrupt, interject, intervene, intergalactic



interest, island, knowledge, learn, length, library, material, medicine, mention, minute



Spelling Term 1 

Spelling Term 2 

Spelling Term 3

Spelling Term 4

Statutory spellings