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***Easter Service: Scripts were given out over a week a go now. Please help your child to learn their lines off by heart. Due to the length of each script, I will not be printing out any more copies, however, please find a copy attached below to download and re-print at home, if needed. ***

Copy of Easter Service script




Conygar is given homework once a week. This will usually be linked to maths and literacy. Both the maths and the literacy homework will be linked to our learning of that week. It is therefore, extremely relevant for the children as it gives them the chance to practise and you the chance to see what they have been learning. Homework is given out on Fridays and is collected back in on Fridays, although children can hand it in before this day. Children are expected to complete homework individually but under adult supervision and occasionally with a little parent help. If your child is finding an area tricky then please do come and speak to me or leave me a message in their homework book. Children are also welcome to speak to me directly about homework and ask for extra help during break times. Additionally, if your child does any extra homework, whether it's maths, literacy or topic based, then please feel free to let them bring it in and show it off to the class as it's worth 3 house points! 

***As well as this weekly homework we also strongly encourage other learning to take place at home too...


Times tables:

By the end of year 4 it is expected that they should know them up to 12. Please encourage your child at home. We complete speed sheets every week and our aim is to achieve a personal best every time. If you would like some copies to practise at home, please just ask. 


Weekly Spellings:

 Spellings are given out on Mondays and are tested on the following Monday. The children will be split into three groups to help them to learn the spellings at the level for them. This will be determined based on a spelling age test completed at the start of the school year and progress will be assessed weekly. It is important that children learn their spellings but also then make the links when writing, by spelling them correctly out of a test situation. There is a spelling display board in the classroom to highlight the spellings we are learning each week. 

For more information please see the spelling page.


Statutory Spellings:

 Children in year 3 and 4 are expected to learn a list of statutory spellings by the time they leave this year group. A selection of these will also be tested on each week. It is important that these are learnt alongside their weekly spellings. 

For more information please see the spelling page.


 The school strongly encourages parents/ carers to hear their children read at least 5 times a week, to an adult, for around 15 minutes each time. Please record this in their reading records. Reading records are collected in every Thursday. Children who have read at least 5 times will have their names called out in celebration assembly on Fridays, where they will receive praise from the school community. It really does make a difference to their learning, as well as offering quality parent/ child time together.