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Conygar photos

Below are photos to show our learning in maths, literacy and other subjects.

Conygar bravely performed their ukulele learning to Bluebell and Sheepway on 27.03.2019. We showcased many of the songs we had learnt and the audience were thoroughly impressed. Our ukulele teacher: Miss Clough, even said how proud she was and how impressed she was. She was particularly blown away by how quick we were able to learn songs and the matching chords as well as how quick we could move between chords. You all did a great job Conygar!

St Mary's were visited by the Zakhele Foundation on 22.03.2019. We listened to their amazing singing; we were very impressed by their whistling abilities; we saw them act out a short story about an old woman and her animals; and we learnt some actions, sounds and lyrics to some songs too. It was a very enjoyable day. 

Conygar have written some poems base on The door poem (by Miroslav Holub). They performed them to children from Sheepway. Below are some of the pictures. 15.02.2019

Conygar were set a fun challenge to recreate some stone age cave art. They were first allowed to use the ipads to research and sketch in their art books but then this was taken away. The lights were turned out, the children went under the tables and were allowed to draw under the tables (on paper that was stuck there) to recreate stone age cave art being drawn in practice. The children loved it, despite the achy arms. Below are some pictures to show their learning and fun. 

Conygar were visited by the archaeologist Professor Robert Jones this week. He taught us all about the Stone Age and showed us some artefacts too.  We had lots of opportunities to join in and some of us even got to role play as well. We learned lots and this certainly has helped us to embed our learning. Thank you to parents and volunteers for you contributions which allowed this visit to happen. 

Conygar went on a fantastic trip this week to Priors' Woods for a Stone Age shelter building session. We were led by Avon Wildlife Trust representative: Hannah Welsh. Thank you to our helpers! Below are some photos from the event. 

In science we have been rock detectives. We had to sort them using different headings and based on their properties. We then explored the school playground to see what rocks we could see. After, we went over to the church yard where we looked at how time and the weather have caused some corrosion on some rocks there. Whilst there, we also looked at the dates on the stones to see if we could work out how old the people were or how long ago they were burried. We found a stone that was over 400 years old. At the church yard we met Mr Somerfield who talked to us about lichen. In particular he talked about the very old stone in front of the school and how he was one of the people who dug it up over 30 years ago after it had been burried in a pond after WW2. We were very lucky and observant rock detectives!

Conygar have been using the base 10 and the inequality symbols ( <  =   >  ) to show their understanding of the size of numbers. 

For art, we have been focusing on Stonehenge. We have been looking at the artist: John Constable and from different images, we have been trying to create our own versions. we have been completing many drafts, each one using a different medium including: pencils, colouring pencils, charcoal and paint. Below are a selection of some of the art so far...

We investigated which rocks were permeable in science. We dropped some water on to it and watched very carefully to see if the rock absorbed it or if it left a water droplet on it. This told us whether it was permeable or not. We had lots of discussions about the uses of some of the rocks and therefore whether it was good that they were permeable or not.