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Conygar Class 

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The Romans

Over the next two Spring terms we will be looking at The Romans. We will be investigating: Who were the Romans? How did they become such a fierce empire? How did they arrive in Britain? How did the Romans change Britain? Linked to this topic, we will also be looking at Volcanoes and Earthquakes in our Geography lessons, with a particular focus on Pompeii AD 79. Just what happened to this peaceful town that was burried for nearly 1700 years?

***There are new links next to Conygar's Class page on the website which help explain Conygar and Conygar's routine in more detail. Please do have a look. You can find information about: homework, spellings, our learning and class photos.***

Miss S 

 Parent volunteers needed! If you are able to offer an hour or more of your time each week then please do let me know. The class would really appreciate having some adults to hear them read each week. They will need help with decoding and blending words as well as asking comprehension questions. 


Show and tell: The children are allowed to do one show and tell per week. This is so the children really think about what is important to them and what they really want to show or talk about. Obviously if children want to talk to just me (not in front of the class) then I will still welcome their conversation. Or they can always write in the Talk Box.