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Mental Health and Well-being 

We understand that this is a challenging time for everyone and we hope that the websites below will provide you with resources to support your mental health and well-being.


Happiful Magazine - a mental health and well-being magazine with inspiring stories and positive news.  Click here to access the website or here to download the magazine.



Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters have developed free to use resources which are approved by the NHS to help support your mental health at home.  Please click here to access the resources.


 (Click on each one to access the information)


Ideas for things to do to support your well-being at home


 (Click on each one to access the information)

Mental Health Foundation

Tips to help you and your family look after your mental health during Covid - click here


Talk to someone

Talk Club

A talking and listening club for men, a support network for ways to keep mentally fit - click here


Well being for children


Well-being activity ideas for families - click here

Safe Hands Thinking Minds

Resources to support children and adults around stress, worry, anxiety and fears, including specific to Covid -click here

Partnership for children

Resources to boost your child's well-being during Covid - click here

Self Care Kit

Produced by Sheffield Children's NHS Trust.  Lots of ideas for activities to help children's well being.  Click here



Fitness classes with High Five

Free fitness classes and workouts - click here

Sport England

Tips and advice to get or keep active at home - click here



Click here for a list of charities and organisations which support those experiencing grief



Mental Health & Debt - a guide produced by - click here