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Raising Concerns and Complaints

 We enjoy working in partnership with our parents and would like to share your views, thoughts and concerns. So that we can respond to these in the best way possible, we ask you to do the following;

1. Contact your child’s class teacher either in person or by email. Your teacher will know the child very well and will be glad to help.
2. If you feel there are ongoing concerns, then please contact Sophie Westerwijk, either in person or by email and she will arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concerns.
3. If you wish to raise a formal complaint then you need to follow the Trust’s Complaint Policy.
Amy Townsend (Acting Head)
BLUEBELL - Ellie Speed  /  Sinead Cope
WINDMILL - Katie Cree
CONYGAR - Jodie Rawlings
PRIORY  - Anna Scott
01275 372066