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E-Safety Poster - Top tips for parents to keep children safe during closure

Newsletter 6.4.20

Update from Mrs Westerwijk - 31-3-20

Letter to Year 6 - 31-3-20


We have heard through the Department for Education that a scam email is going around at the moment in regards to free school meals.

The DFE have tweeted the following:

“We have been informed some parents have received an email stating:

‘As schools will be closing, if you're entitled to free school meals, please send your bank details and we'll make sure you're supported’.

This is a scam email - do not respond, and delete immediately.


Letter to children from Mrs Westerwijk 25th March 2020

Tuesday 24th March click here for Letter to Parents from Mrs Westerwijk


Friday 3rd April

 Is been another busy day here! We decided to try something new this morning and had our PE session with Strictly's Oti Mabuse. We had so much fun learning the dance moves to 'The Greatest Showman' and we really want to try the 'Frozen' dance next. If you haven't given this workout a go, just head over to Youtube for all of Oti's dance sessions for children.

This morning we completed our stories and then wrote about all of the things that we are grateful for in our lives. In Maths we challenged ourselves to complete our tasks in a minute. Some we could do, some we discovered that we may need more practice. Our conclusion was... we can always do more than we think possible, and.... we can achieve so much more if we work together as a team. Many of our tasks we couldn't do in a minute alone, but as a team we could easily achieve our goals together!

This afternoon we have been busy painting our salt dough hearts and decorating our eggs further. We then moved on to finding out the true meaning of Easter. Why do we have Easter eggs? How can we celebrate? We headed over to the Conservation area in the sunshine to make our Easter gardens or fairy gardens. Look at our pictures below for some ideas if you fancy making one over the Easter break too.

Mrs Cope has had lots of fun this week, wishing you all a lovely weekend. Stay safe and take care.

Thursday 2nd April

 What a busy and creative day!

Mrs Cope joined us today for a jam- packed day. We started our day by writing up our robot stories using our storyboards, ready to edit and illustrate tomorrow. We looked carefully at exciting vocabulary that we could use and some impressive punctuation. 

We then used our Maths session to investigate time. We reminded ourselves of how we use a clock and looked at different lengths of time. We then set ourselves a challenge of finding out what we could do in one minute and used these to set some new targets to investigate tomorrow. We discussed how we would ensure our investigation was fair, what we would use to time ourselves, and how different children may get different results. We have all made predictions so will see how quick we are at these activities in the morning!

This afternoon we got very messy! We designed and painted our Paper Mache Easter eggs and then moved on to making some salt dough together. We have made them in a heart shaped design as a symbol of compassion and we will decorate and write messages of compassion on them tomorrow. 

We have had lots of fun together and are looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!

Wednesday 1st April

Well that's half of the week gone already! And that is it from Mrs Speed...for now. 

Today we planned our own story in the form of a story map, based on a robot. Max very kindly brought in and shared with us a wonderful robot that he had made last night. Cheetah now has a temporary home in the school foyer. 

Maths continued with another unifix estimation investigation following a question someone asked yesterday: 'How many cubes will fit in the square on the carpet?' We found out that there are 25 cubes along 1 side of the square. Simran said "we could work out the number 25 times 25". Lola used grid method multiplication to work this out. We found that 25 rows would not fit in our square, so we took away 25 from Lola's answer. There were 600 cubes on 1 carpet tile!

This afternoon we added a few more layers to our Paper Mache Easter eggs ready to paint later in the week. We wrote a 'wish' jar, thinking about all of the things that we wish we could do at this time but sadly cannot. You probably have things that are the same if you made a 'wish' jar.

I will miss the children over the next few weeks and hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Tuesday 31st March

Today we had a quieter morning (after a sweaty PE lesson with Joe Wicks). We finished off our poems that we started yesterday and published these (see the photos below).

Together we explored a Maths investigation: 'How many unifix can you fit in your hand?'. We had to estimate the number of cubes we could hold in our hand, without dropping any or fixing them together. Once we recorded this in a table, we found out the total number of unifix we could hold. See the photos for our results.

We went litter picking with Mrs Westerwijk after a relaxing lunch, including stories.

This afternoon we got messy! We made a start on making 3D Easter eggs using Paper Mache: PVA glue and water mix and small strips of newspaper. We might have to wait a few days before we can do the next part of creating our Easter eggs as some of them are dripping still!

We finished off the afternoon with a Cosmic Yoga routine and Max shared some Space facts with us.

Monday 30th March

We hope you had a lovely weekend and are well.

Where has the day gone?! We have had so much fun being active in different ways today. We started our day with Joe Wicks PE lesson, before playing different games with Lynne from Bristol Sport. We also created a silly surprise that Lynne hopes to share soon.

Today we had a look at poetry tasks that have been suggested on our class pages linked to Easter eggs and Dracula. We will publish these tomorrow. Remember that Sean the poet is waiting for your poems that he will read out (see Mrs Westerwijk's 2nd challenge on the Events page).

We spent most of the afternoon in the conservation area finding, gathering and then creating a natural picture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We then painted our clay animals that we made with Mrs Sinclair last week and for those who did not make them, created an animal today.

Mrs Speed is looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow.

Stay safe and see you soon.

Friday 27th March

Another lovely day here at St Mary's. What have you all been doing today? Don't forget to let your teacher's know what you have been up to. If you have any photos, email them to us and we can add them onto your class pages.

Today, the children began with a Joe Wicks PE lesson. We followed yesterday's lesson when his daughter joined him! When we had recovered, we all did a measuring activity in the classroom, practising adding numbers. After  that, we all sent a postcard to our teachers, telling them what we had been up to at school.

Zena cooked us all fish and chips for lunch - yum! The lunch hall was very quiet. Lovely!

In the afternoon, we went to the Conservation Area and did some watercolour painting and made some nature hats to see if we could camouflage ourselves. 

We finished the day with a story before going home for the weekend.

Take care, everyone, and to anyone coming in next week, see you then.

Thursday 26th March

Today is another beautiful day! Mrs Sinclair is now at school with Mrs Westerwijk and we are enjoying the outside space. It is very strange not having you all here with us and we hope you are enjoying time at home too. We miss you all.

We have explored the Conservation Area, looking for natural objects to make a mobile to hang in school or at home. (Someone got very excited when I said we were making a "mobile" - and was a bit disappointed to find out it wasn't a phone!) Perhaps you could make a natural hanging mobile for your house or garden.

We then made some clay pets after reading a story Conygar have read, called Sparky. 

In the afternoon, we had to complete the "Egg Challenge" - find a way of protecting an egg when it is dropped from the top of the climbing frame. Out of 5 protected eggs, only one smashed. Good design work, team! Have a try at home if you have a spare egg, but no hard boiling - that's cheating!!

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Wednesday 25th March 

Hello to all our friends at home. A small group of us have enjoyed another lovely spring day. We have had lots of outside time drawing, plogging (tidying up the environment while exercising!) and playing but we also spent time inside singing around the piano, doing Cosmic Yoga, finishing some sewing and writing you letters, which you can read below.

If you live in the village you might walk past the school when taking your exercise. If you do walk by, look at the conservatory windows and see the rainbows that we send to you as a message of hope that we will all safely get back to normal life in the not too distant future.

Tuesday 24th March

What a gorgeous spring day it has been! We hope that you have all been able to enjoy being outside, taking some exercise and just enjoying the sunshine and nature around us.

The children who were with us in school today have enjoyed lots of outside activities but we are missing all of our friends. We painted rainbows in the playground and did a spring scavenger hunt in the conservation area. Zena cooked a delicious school lunch and all the children made chocolate crispy cakes with Mrs Westerwijk. 

Take a look at some photos from today including our rainbows. Perhaps you could make a rainbow and put it in a window at home or send a photo to Mrs Ball to put on the website. 



Monday 23rd March

Hello to all our friends.

We hope you are all well. Those of us who were in school today sang our school anthem and thought of our school community who are learning and working at home.

We made hearts of different kinds to show that our thoughts and good wishes are with all the community. As it was such a beautiful day today, we spent lots of time outdoors. We even went onto the field at lunchtime and some of us made daisy chains. We enjoyed playing hide and seek with a twist with Lyn from Bristol Sports. There were some brilliant hiders and runners. 



Coronavirus: We will be updating our parents and wider school community regularly and in view of the latest government advice.

Dear Parents,

 I have been immensely proud of the children are coming into school calm and ready to learn, despite knowing these are difficult times. They are a credit to their families and we are very proud of them all.


Best wishes,

 Sophie Westerwijk 

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Letter to parents - update 23/3/20


St Mary’s School Anthem:

The children at St Mary’s have worked with a professional musician and composer to create their very own anthem. We are really excited about this piece of work and it is already sounding wonderful. We would like our parents and families to learn it too so that we
can sing it together at the end of this

Please find the words and backing tracks attached here (one with voice and one just instrumental).

Have fun!


One Community St Mary's Portbury lyrics

One Community, St Mary's Primary Anthem backing.mp3

One Community, St Mary's Primary Anthem voices.mp3