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Mrs Westerwijk's challenge for St Mary's pupils

Week 3 wb 6.4.20

Our colleagues at The North
Somerset Schools Physical Education Association and ‘TEAM North
Somerset’ invite you to take part in the ‘Climb Every Mountain’ elevation

Click here for the link to the 'elevation tracker'

Week 2 wb 30.3.20

Monday - Poetry Challenge

Tuesday- the Makaton Challenge

Week 1 25.3.20

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 Bluebell Garden

A big thank you from Bluebell Class to all the people who helped to create the new garden area.

"I like the mud kitchen because I like making mud."

"I like getting wet in the water!"

"I like the building site because I like building things like car- aeroplanes."

"I like the mud kitchen because I love making mud cakes."

"I like the instruments because they're noisy!"