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Sports Premium Funding

As you may be aware, in April 2013, the Government announced £150 million worth of school funding for Physical Education (PE) and sport as part of the ‘Olympic Legacy’. It is intended for the funding to be used to improve the quality of PE and sport provision in all state schools. The School Sports Premium Grant is additional allocated funding from the government to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. It is also used to improve the health and wellbeing of all primary school pupils.

St Mary’s School has been allocated almost £5000, which in accordance with the guidance, will be channelled directly into developing the provision of sport and PE throughout our school.

The aims for the investment at St Mary’s are:

  • To increase the breadth and quality of the PE curriculum in all classes
  • To invest in practice that will be sustainable once the grant has ceased
  • To increase the opportunities for pupils to compete in sporting activities both within school and between other schools
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles and ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to be physically literate
  • To increase participation of all children in physical activity, particularly at playtimes and increase the profile of sport and Physical activity throughout the school

In order to meet these aims we have used the Sports Premium Funding to:

  • Employ specialist sports coaches in Gymnastics and Dance to work with class teachers to deliver PE lessons and sports coaching
  • Buy into a local sports partnership (North Somerset Schools PE association) which provides support, training, resourcing and access to level 2 and 3 inter-schools competitions
  • Buy into Portishead and Pill Cluster so we are able to take part in level 2 inter-schools competitions
  • To ensure we have high quality resources to support excellent learning and teaching in PE

The impact of this funding will be measured through:

  • Direct feedback from children, teachers and our families on the quality of support offered by the specialist
  • Feedback from the specialist teachers to the Head Teacher on the level of engagement by teachers
  • The increase in the number of children engaging in inter-school sporting activities and the number of children attending a sports club either in school (after schools clubs) or outside school


Provisional allocation for PE grant 2018/2019






PE Grant 2018/2019

used for

Amount allocated for provision


Is this a new or continued provision

Brief summary of provision and details of groupings

Intended impact/outcomes

Membership of North Somerset Schools PE Association



Enables us to participate in county level provision and further

KS2 events

Pupils will be able to compete at a high level and in county events, developing their sporting skills and interacting with peers from difference contexts.

Small schools athletics event at Level 4 held at Bath Spa University – raising aspirations for pupils by enabling them to have the experience of using high quality facilities and seeing  members of team GB training.

Membership of Gordano school sports partnership



Enables us to participate at level 2 with other local schools.

Mainly KS2 events but 2 KS1 have been held

Many of these events allow us to practise our skills before competing at level 3. Pupils also have opportunities to play in their local community against fellow pupils from other schools.

Gymnastics coach



All classes have at least 8 weeks coaching over the year for a 1 hour session

Increased staff confidence delivering gymnastics by observing and working with specialist coaches and children receiving high quality learning experiences which develop their skills and confidence

Provide children with the opportunity to compete at county level

3 PE coaches during lunchtime to increase pupil engagement for active sports during this time



3 PE coaches on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to target children who may be isolated and to promote a more positive approach to teamwork and general sportsmanship

We can be part of our local community and county events

Transport for attendance at sporting activities and level 2, 3 and 4 events



Vital transport to all local and county sporting events

Opportunity to participate in local community and county events

Dance Festival

£ 800

5th year

Volunteers from across KS2 to practise in their golden time.

Dance teacher to coach them and cost of her time to spend the day at the playhouse too.

Raise the profile of dance across key stage 2

Give children the opportunity to perform on stage to an audience

Cost of travel to Mojo Active


2nd time

To support the opportunity for adventurous activities for Priory Class.

Opportunity to develop lifelong learning skills such as perseverance, grit, resilience and cooperation

Purchase of resources



Resources for PE



To ensure we have the right resources to provide the correct support and challenge to all of our pupils in PE


To have a range of interesting play equipment to engage the children in purposeful play