St Mary's CE Primary School

A Caring, Christian, Community, Committed to Achievement

Core Subjects 


Key Stage 1 and 2:

The Literacy framework has been organised to provide a whole school progression for the development of skills, knowledge and understanding.  In daily lessons children are taught skills in reading and writing through a range of planned activities.  Regular and shared guided group work in reading and writing is led by the teacher or another adult in the classroom.  Speaking and listening skills are taught through circle time activities and developed across the curriculum.  The school has a good range of fiction and non-fiction books in the library and classrooms and a mixed range of reading scheme books to develop independent reading.


Our aim is to ensure the children become numerate and confident in using their mathematical skills and knowledge in every day situations. Children follow the new primary framework, which promotes continuity and progression between year groups. Children experience practical activities, learn a range of mental calculation skills and develop a variety of recording techniques as they progress through the school.


Maths Scheme Of Work

St Mary's uses Broadbent Maths to support planning of the curriculum and ensure coverage and progression.

Scope and Sequence charts are available here:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

The school's calculation policy is available here:

Calculation Policy



 Our aim is encourage children in developing the acquisition of a systematic, scientific approach to learning, developing useful knowledge, skills and attitudes about the world in which we live.  Science experiences are presented to the children in a practical, relevant context. Systematic inquiry, analysis of problems, formation of ideas, their testing and modification are encouraged through whole class, group or individual investigations and project work, designed to arouse the children's natural curiosity.