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 Admissions Arrangements

 We hope that you choose to send your child to St Mary's CE Primary School.  If you would like to book a visit to look around the school, we would be delighted to accommodate this, and look forward to meeting you.  

To book a visit, please contact the office team.  Tel: 02175 372066 or email


Below are our admission arrangements:

In-year Application Form 2021-22 (please click)


Click the following link to be directed to information about North Somerset Admissions;

Ecclesiastical Boundary

Ecclesiastical Map

St Mary's Supplementary Information Form

Admissions Policy  - Click to be redirected to the Lighthouse Schools Partnership Website


Admission arrangements 2022-2023


Click below to be directed to Government publications.


Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2023-2024

Consultation document on Admissions - click here

DRAFT LSP Admission Arrangements 2023-24 NS Primary schools

DRAFT LSP Admission Arrangements 2023-24 NS Secondary Sixth Form

DRAFT LSP Admission Arrangements 2023-24 BNES primary schools

DRAFT LSP Admission Arrangements 2023-24 Chew Valley School



Breach Year Information Powerpoint 2017-2024- please be aware that although this presentation gives details of proposed class structures this will be reviewed each year based on the needs of the children. When viewing the class structures, please be aware that you need to read down each column not across.