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 Children are expected to read five times a week and practice their spellings and times tables regularly.  They are also given one piece of reinforcement work for maths and English each week together with occasional extended topic tasks.  Times tables can be encouraged by using 'Hit The Button' on the following link:

General spellings, SPAG and mathematics can be encouraged through the 'Pointless' games further down this page.

If children find they cannot complete homework at home for whatever reason, we do offer the chance to complete homework in school during a lunchtime on Thursdays. 


Maths homework is given on a Monday and is due in on the following Monday. 

This week's maths homework is:

Year 5 - Square and Cube Numbers (pages 16 and 17)

Year 6 - Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 100 (page 24) & Multiplying and dividing with decimals (page 24)

This homework is due to be checked on Monday 17th December.


SPAG Homework is given on a Friday and is due in on the following Friday.


There is no SPAG homework this week. Instead, we would like you to create a simple Ancient Egyptian costume to wear in school on Wednesday 12th for our Ancient Egyptian day. 

There is no need to buy anything special or to spend all weekend on the costume or to force grown ups at home to help you create an elaborate gown. Everyone is busy at this time of year. Have a look on the internet for some ideas and go simple. A bedsheet works well for a start and can be created into shape with the help of safety pins, or a long shirt with a belt and some sandles - whatever you can find. 

On Wednesday, we will start the day by making something you can wear with your costume so if you cannot find anything, or do not want to dress up, you can make an accessory to wear at school.

You can come to school in the costume but please bring something warm to wear (as well as your coat) for playtimes if your costume is a bit on the thin side!

Looking forward to it!



SPELLING homework is given on a Wednesday and tested on a Wednesday, starting from the week after Camp. There will be ten spellings in each group from now on.

Spellings from 7.12.18 are:

Year 6 -caffeine, foreign, forfeit, weird, leisure, protein, seize, glacier, neighbour, neither



 Year 5 - abseil, vein, weight, their, foreign, height, reign, unveil, sleigh, protein



Mrs Wheeler's group -  piece, fierce, ceiling, their, reign, leisure, weird, neither, vein, abseil



 We have almost everyone sharing in the Reading Roll of Honour this year. Please be reminded that we need an adult at home to sign the reading records when they have heard a child read. We check reading records on a Thursday during the day to save a rush on Friday! Thank you.

Finally, thank you to all those who support our children at home to practise skills, read regularly and to complete tasks. It does make a positive difference to children's learning.




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