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 Children are expected to read five times a week and practice their spellings and times tables regularly.  They are also given one piece of reinforcement work for maths and English each week together with occasional extended topic tasks.  Times tables can be encouraged by using 'Hit The Button' on the following link:

General spellings, SPAG and mathematics can be encouraged through the 'Pointless' games further down this page.

If children find they cannot complete homework at home for whatever reason, we do offer the chance to complete homework in school during a lunchtime on Thursdays. 


Maths homework is given on a Monday and is due in on the following Monday. 

This week's maths homework is:

Year 5 - Written Adding and Subtracting (pages 12 and 13)

Year 6 - Solving Number problems (page 9)

This homework is due to be checked on Monday 22nd October.


SPAG Homework is given on a Friday and is due in on the following Friday.

This weeks SPAG homework is:

Year 5 - Commas after Subordinate Clauses (pg 44)

Year 6 -

Punctuation : Clauses (pg 10)

Grammar : Commas after Subordinate Clauses (pg 8)


SPELLING homework is given on a Wednesday and tested on a Wednesday, starting from the week after Camp.

Spellings from 5.10.18 are:

Year 6 -

persistent, intelligent,  resident,  permanent,  obedient,  disobedient,  statement,  treatment,  environment,  assessment,  apartment,  unintelligent,  settlement,  improvement,  tournament


Year 5 -

innocent,  decent,  patient,  recent,  content,  department,  moment,  movement,  present,  comment,  monument,  payment,  urgent,  argument,  crescent


Mrs Wheeler's group - 

present, urgent,  payment,  moment,  movement,  argument,  comment, content,  patient,  recent


There are fifteen spellings in two of the groups- some words are easier to learn than others. We will test children on ten of them but we won't say which ten... so children do need to try to learn them all! 


Finally, thank you to all those who support our children at home to practise skills, read regularly and to complete tasks. It does make a positive difference to children's learning.




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