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What are Conygar learning?

        Image result for the stone ageTopic: The Stone Age (History led unit) END TOPIC GOAL: An illustrated Stone Age story

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We are continuing our learning of place value. We will be learning all about rounding this week. We will be learning the rules of rounding up and rules of rounding down. Last week, we looked at rounding number to the nearest ten, this week, we will be rounding to the nearest hundred and thousand. 




Last term, we read The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura, which we will be briefly looking over again to help us with our fiction writing this term. 

This term we will be producing our own short stories where we will see The Stone Age Boy travelling back to the past again. This time, he will befriend at least one new character. He will visit some historic locations such as: Stonehenge. We will be linking this with our art too. Our main grammar focuses this term are: Simple, compound and complex sentences. Similes. 

An amazing thing once happened to me - I tripped and fell and found myself in a place where everything was different, where the people wore animal skins and hunted and fished for their food. I had such fun in that strange place and I learnt so much, but all the time I kept wondering where I was. Was it possible? Had I travelled... to the Stone Age!

                                                                                                                           Stone Age Boy - Paperback - 9781406312195 - Satoshi Kitamura


Gym on Monday Mornings  (with coaches) 

Dance on Thursday afternoons (with Mrs Frances) 

Please make sure children have their full PE kits at the start of every week.  

Please make sure all clothes are named to ensure they are returned to their rightful owner.





Other curriculum areas:


Conygar will be working with Mrs Frances in music. 


Conygar will be learning French with Mrs Wheeler on Fridays.


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