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Topic: May the Force be with you! (Science and DT led unit)

END TOPIC GOAL: To make magnetic board games

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This week, we will be revisiting fractions. This will include revising previously taught content and learning new content too. We will be revising converting between fraction and decimal forms of tenths and hundredths. We will also be learning to find fractions of amounts where the numerator is 1 (unit fractions) or where it is different (non-unit fractions). For example 1/4 of 24 (unit fraction) or 2/5 of 25 (non-unit fractions). Using these skills we will begin to apply them to solve word problems. 

Times tables:

By the end of year 4 it is expected that they should know them up to 12. Please encourage your child at home. We complete speed sheets every week and our aim is to achieve a personal best every time.   

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This term we will be reading: The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes which follows on from his story of The Iron Man.  


We will be looking at poetry this week. The children will specifically focus on a poem called:  The Coming of the Iron Man, written by Brenda Williams. The children will be rehearsing this and performing it with intonation. Towards the end of the week, the children will be writing their own poem linked to their own Iron Woman stories. 

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Spellings for Monday 26th February   

Group1: - really - ordinary – limitations – quarter – admission – character – admiration – autograph – embarrass – familiar – frequently (last 5 from y5/6 sp. list) (11 this week)

Group 2: - decide – appear – strange – myth – information – happily – obvious – measure – caught – though – really (11 this week)

Group 3: - learn – forget – often – minute – happily – forward – breathe – popular – really

All spellings are given to the children on Mondays and they have a week to learn them. These are stuck in their reading records on their current page. They will then be tested on these words. 



This term the children will be taking part in Dance on Tuesday afternoons (with Miss Hodges) and Badminton on Thursday afternoons (with an experience badminton coach). 

 Please make sure children have their full PE kits at the start of every week. 


Please make sure all clothes are named to ensure they are returned to their rightful owner.



Please click here for the school's RE curriculum coverage.  We are on cycle B!



Each week the children will be expected to learn their spellings which can be found in their reading records and above. They will also have literacy homework which is usually related to their spellings. The children are given one piece of maths homework a week and this tends to be linked to the topic we have been looking at in class. As well as all of this the children should be continuing to learn the times tables up to 12 as this really does open so many doors for them as well as reading at least five times a week. Homework is given out on Fridays and is due back the following Friday. The homework I set is intended to recap current work and therefore you should not have to be teaching them the method again. If your child is struggling with either their literacy or maths homework please write a comment in their books or let me know. Please do see me if there are any problems. 


    If your child does any extra homework, whether it's maths or literacy or topic based, then please feel free to let them bring it in and show it off to the class. 




Music: Conygar will be working with Miss Hodges in music. They will also be learning the Ukulele (taught by Mr Parfitt a music coach). 

Parent volunteers needed! If you are able to offer an hour or more of your time each week then please do let me know. The class would really appreciate having some adults to hear them read each week. They will need help with decoding and blending words as well as asking comprehension questions. 



Educational websites: - Games great for maths, literacy and many other subjects! - Recommended maths site for children to play games - all children have a code for this site. - Great for every topic but particularly maths. - Lots of resources on this website, including learning zone clips. - A website with lots of information around topics. - Online games - Lots of resources, particularly good for maths. - A science based link. 



Show and tell: The children are allowed to do one show and tell per week. This is so the children really think about what is important to them and what they really want to show or talk about. Obviously if children want to talk to just me (not in front of the class) then I will still welcome their conversation. Or they can always write in the Talk Box. 





All the best.

Miss Anna Sinclair